Weekly Service – March 22, 2020

Family and Friends,
I have the great privilege to tell you that our worship service playlist is officially uploaded to YouTube! The structure of the service will be as follows:
1) Mighty is Our God
2) Lion and The Lamb
3) Opening Prayers
4) Here in This Place
5) Just As I Am/I Come Broken
6) Communion
7) Magnificat
8) Sermon – Jeff Hicks
I will attach the link to the YouTube page right at the bottom of this post. When you are ready for worship time, click the weekly service button and it will take you straight to the page AND start playing it for you. Full disclosure, an Ad might appear at the beginning or in the middle of your recorded service. I am still learning how to create the most AD-free playlist possible, but I promise that these will get better through repetition.

I know that this format of service is different, but that doesn’t mean that it is bad. Just like we dictate how our attitudes are when we go to the building, we also dictate how our attitudes are during this challenging time. The songs still glorify God, and the sermon is still designed to preach God’s holy word.

Please continue to pray for all first responders, and those who are working jobs that put them in contact with this virus.

Let us continue to show our love and desire to be with God, and with each other.

In Him,

Cade Maldonado

YouTube Playlist Link: Weekly Service