The Distortion of the Abortion “Issue”

Author: Robert McCormick

It was well after midnight.

I couldn’t believe she was calling me so late, I was ready to go to sleep.

But I picked up the phone anyways.  It became obvious in the first few minutes that she was intoxicated.  After a short conversation I started working my way off the phone, I didn’t want to listen to her drunken ramble, and then she dropped the bomb.

“He made me kill my baby.”

I could never unhear those six words, I would never forget that moment, and I would never viewabortion as just an issue again.

She was my friend, I knew she had some struggles but I never knew what hurt she bore.  That night she told me her story- about a relationship that began too young, about an uncomfortable decision she’d been forced into, about a soul that had been taken away before it was given a choice, and about the hurt that she would never be able to bear….without Jesus.

The “Issue”

Abortion is wrong, there is little doubt about this.  Despite any excuses we make it makes us uneasy, it makes us hurt inside, it makes us sick, it makes us angry, it makes us broken, it makes us cry, it makes us…you can fill in the blank.  According to WHO (World Health Organization) there are approximately 40-50 million abortions every single year- that comes down to 125,000 souls a day whose lives are ended.  Something has to change.  The Gospel must insert itself into this situation.

This is a problem, Jesus is the only solution. 

  • Christians must stand against the violence of this act and the lie that this is not murder.
    • There is no doubt of its wrongness, we were never meant to take a precious gift from God and kill it. There is no question, regardless of the situation, that the life should be allowed to make its own decision.  The unheard screams of millions cry out for a defender- Jesus sacrificed His life for the lost, broken, hurting, his enemies, and the defenseless and we must do the same.  But…
  • Christians must never forget that there are broken people behind every single abortion. 
    • You don’t get to a decision like this without brokenness in your life- whether it can be seen or not. The decision to end a life to protect your own is one that leaves a mark on the person’s heart.  It is a scar that only Jesus can heal, that He desperately wants to heal.
  • It is not simply an ISSUE but a wound that needs a doctor.
    • We cannot treat abortion impersonally, my friend and the 125,000 other women that abort babies every single day desperately need someone to show them to the only one that can heal them.  Don’t distort broken broken people into an issue. They are not simply a number, they are NOT a faceless villain unworthy of grace.  They ARE a sister, daughter, mother, human, a soul Christ died for, and a person in need of God’s love and grace. They ARE doctors that Christ died to redeem.
  • If you’ve had an abortion-
    • I cannot imagine the circumstances that led you here. I can’t imagine what it must be like to hear your life story being impersonally debated all over the news.  Here is what I can imagine though- a savior who moved heaven and earth to bring healing to your hurt.  There is nothing that stands in the way of His love for you.  My prayer is that this love is shown into your life in full force, there is nothing to hide from, there is nothing to fear- this love changes everything.